What is National American Miss? Another Beauty Pageant?

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About a week ago while gathering my mail I tore one open that my daughter had been recommended for NAM and was invited to open call for the National American Miss.  What?  The first thing that came to my mind was SCAM.  Looking more closely at the letter it did have some well known sponsors and was accredited by the Better Business Bureau with an A+ rating, but before getting ahead of myself I decided to do my research.

Now, I think my daughter is the most beautiful little girl on earth, although I am a little partial:)  So I don’t believe in the Toddler in Tiara pageants where they are caked in  makeup and wearing little clothing.  National American Miss does not allow for girls under the age of 12 to wear any makeup and there are no swimsuit competitions, this is great news.

 This pageant seemed to be geared more towards building life skills like public speaking and interview skills.

My daughter had been sick the last couple of days and wasn’t really feeling up for this, but I was really interested in finding out more information on it in person, so we went to the open call, it was free and only lasted about an hour.  They interviewed each girl there only a few questions about themselves.  My daughter wouldn’t tell me the details, she was in one of her moods where it was all “blah blah blah”.  When she came back out to me in the line of girls ages 4-6 she was holding hands with a couple of the other girls and having fun!


So, it all sounds really good.  NAM is the biggest outfit right under the girl scouts and gives away 1.5 million in prizes each year!  So what’s next?  Well, in a few days we should either get a phone call saying she’s an Arizona finalist or a post card saying she’s not.  Then the work begins… she must secure sponsors to pay for her $440 registration fees!!  Wow.  We’ll see what happens, I look at it as an opportunity for my daughter to learn some great skills at an early age.    I will keep you updated on what happens!

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