Wholesale Keychains from Safety to Fun!

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Who doesn’t love key chains?  They are a way to personalize your keys, and they can also be functional.  So many Key Chains now a days are moving towards having some sort of functionality.  I love for every thing to have a function, it saves time reduced wastes of space right?

Wholesale Key chains and Key rings gave me the opportunity to check out a couple of their key chains up close.  I chose the Arizona DiamondBacks MLB Key Chain and Key Ring Bottle Opener

If you order the Gold you get the old logo, for $1 more you can order the Silver that has the new Red and Black logo on it.  This key chain is very well made, you can’t bent the metal…I’ve tried.  The rubbery logo is also made very well and you cannot peel it up.  These key chains are great for showing your team support while cracking open a bottle, what sports fan wouldn’t want one of these!  Although it is a bottle opener on your keys, still no Drinkin’ and Drivin’!!

The other Key Chain I chose was the Street Wise Pepper Spray Key Chain and Key Ring

My husband has been wanting me to have one of these for quite a while.  I like to take long walks after I drop the kids off at school, and as he feels more comfortable now because I always have a big dog with me.  He feels even better knowing I have Pepper Spray.  These are very handy too, not only do the have the Key Ring, but they also have a clip, so if you go for a walk and you don’t have pockets which is a lot of the time the case for me, you can just clip it on somewhere.  This is the perfect item for a high school child or a wife:)  To use it you just turn the red trigger and then press it down, this is really easy to do and can be done with one hand, turning it makes it safer because you’re not going to accidentally spray it.  They do recommend that you test fire it when you get it and every 6 months until the expiration date which is printed right on it.  I test fired mine and it shot about 5-6 feet.

You can find many great key chains at Wholesale key chain and key rings, and they more you buy the bigger the discount!!  So you can buy gifts for multiple people…I’m thinking at work, and get a great deal!