#Feline @Greenies #SmartBites The healthy treat for your cats

I’m am usually talking all about my doggies and they are usually the lucky ones getting to try out products, but I also have 3 cats.  My kitties have kind of taken the back seat since our dogs came along but we still love them and want to make sure they are taken care of.  Greenies is a brand I always associated with doggie dental chews and maybe that’s because I spend more time in the dog treat aisle than the cat treat aisle, but Greenies has came out with a new line of cat treats called SmartBites.  I really like these because they are based off of your cat’s health needs, they have 3 different kinds and we got to try all 3!

Digestive Care, Healthy Skin and Fur and Hairball Control!  Beck who is my oldest cat about 17 years old needs the healthy skin and Fur because it’s getting harder for him to clean himself, he got his first mat recently, so I’m hoping the extra fish oil will help with that.  Ralph who I swear has the name for a reason needs the hairball control…enough said.  Kit kat is a pig and needs the digestive control, so I think I have a cat for each one!!

All I had to do was shake the bag and I had Beck the Black and white cat and then Kit kat there for their treats!

You can find these just about anywhere you shop along with your other cat treats!!