Yoga Anywhere? Yes, Anywhere.

I am a super beginner at yoga, I’m talking Wii Fit yoga!  I’ve been wanting to get a little more serious, but there there are a few problems I run into.

A.  I don’t have much storage in my house so where to put even a yoga mat…yes even a yoga mat is a pain.

B.  I have really bad wrists.  Carpal Tunnel runs in the family.

These yoga paws are great, you can take them with you everywhere you go!  I can’t wait for my next trip, I can find a beautiful spot to do some nice peaceful yoga.  They even come with their own carry case.  These are even great for doing things like push ups, I used to slip so much when I would do push ups, not with the Yoga Paws!

The extra padding in the hands saves me from extra pain and helps me to hold out longer.

The website makes it easy to figure out your size and it seems very accurate. I love my new paws:)

The Full set Starts at only $36.95!  You can also buy just the hands or feet.