Ares Loves Treats… @DogTagArt

This is Ares.  He is an 85 pound Wolf Hybrid Momma’s boy.

This is the look I get when I say TREAT!

Many of my review posts are based around Aura, because they are toy related and that is more her forte.  Now Ares gets the spotlight.

I came across this company called Dog Tag Art.  Now my dogs are pretty well trained but, if they want to jet off for some unknown reason well they are still a dog by nature and although my dogs are both microchipped not all people who find dogs take them somewhere that will check for that.  I want to make it as easy as possible to get my dogs back to me if something ever does happen because I mean what would I do if I couldn’t make the Ares voice anymore…   Ooooh now I get to tell a fun story.

The Ares Voice.

It might be hard to picture unless you heard it.  It all started when my husband and I took the dogs on our anniversary trip to Sedona.  It was Ares’ first trip.  We have always called him a little dopey although he is very smart he just has a dopey look to him I guess.  But my husband started talking for him in kinda a Forrest Gump voice and it stuck.  Now even the kids do it.  It’s the Ares voice.  He loves his treats and his mommy.

I Know I am way off topic here… When I received my tag for Ares I was amazed at the quality!

You can tell how thick these are, they are very nicely made and guaranteed for life!  You can even upload your own picture and personalize your tag.  My Momma’s boy tag is perfect for him.  Another fantastic feature they have is the Virtual leash.  How many of you don’t answer your phone if you don’t know the number?  I don’t.  Well, I might if my dog was missing but, the virtual leash adds a web address to the tag where the person who found your pet can go see information about your pet and let you know they found it.  This website is personalized by you with pictures and information.  Once the person who found your pet clicks on the button “I found your pet”  this info is sent to all your friends or family that you have entered into the database.  This all helps you get your pet back safer sooner.  I love it!!

These Tags are only $11.99 with so many to choose from it took me a whole day.  I finally settled on

Got Treats?  it was either that or Hi my name is No Leave It!!

Check out the Great Selection at Dog Tag Art

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