Unraveling Dog Toys at the Seamsters @Kyjen

As a member of Boycott Boring Ares, Aura and I are always trying to find fun new toys to share with our four legged friends.  The newest one we have discovered are Seamsters by Kyjen!

These are pretty cool and Aura and Ares had been eying the bone as there was only one and two of them.  Aura having Seniority got the bone first while Ares had to suffice with some rawhide chips.  She was so excited she did not even want to pose for a camera shot, she was worried her bone was going to be taken away.

My daughter was blocking her way as my husband tried to photograph her.

Once she settled down with her Seamster she went to work on the rawhide holding it together, she was bound and determined to get all of the rawhide off and did so by the end of the night, only then did she leave the toy so that Ares could check it out, although he wasn’t allowed to check it out for very long.

I like how this toy is sewn together by rawhide and yet there is room inside where you can hide little treats for them to discover when they get the rawhide off the sides.  I also love the material they are made out of, it is very hard to find something that will hold up to my monsters but this non-toxic, natural rubber is extremely sturdy and flexible!

The large toy runs $27.99 and is plenty big for a 100+ pound dog Aura at 65lbs loved it!