A Golden Chance to Make My Day!!

Are you kidding me???  MomDot, Minnesota Blogger Life with Levi, and Toni from Just Stop Screaming  are giving us a chance to win LAST brandcation ticket!!!  Pinch me.  I am so excited that maybe, just maybe it could be me going on this wonderful trip to Tennessee.  All I have to do is tell you why I wanna go, well count me in Sugar!!

I wanna be one of these people in the next picture.  I don’t have many friends other than my bloggin’ buddies and being able to build relationships and just have a Hoot would be fantastic!!    I can make funny faces too!!

Yes, I am a fairly new blogger, I started back in November of 2011.  I have met many influential people along the way that have helped me more than I could explain.

I simply love the outdoors.  My family was actually supposed to take a vacation in the Smoky Mountains last year until I lost my job and our large household income, so now all I can do is plan out vacations and beg the hubby to go until I realize we really can’t afford it.

I need some girl time!!  My girl time currently comes from my Facebook groups, my mom and my mother-in-law.  I would love to meet some new folks and spread my social butterfly wings, they are cocooned at the moment.

I promise to make something very yummy for everyone and tell you all the horribly funny stories about stupid things I have done.

Dollywood, Dixie Stampede, Titanic oh my!  These are just a few of the fun excursions I would get to tag along on.  Oh please, oh please, oh please!  I love traveling and meeting new people I have stuff in common with.  I may not have many chances to attend a bloggers giveaway, because I do live quite a bit away in the desert.

My final plea:

MomDot, Minnesota Blogger Life with Levi, and Toni from Just Stop Screaming  in all honesty I think it is phenomenal that you are offering this fantastic trip up and I’m sure you’ll make the right decision…. I just hope it’s me:)

I want the Golden Ticket, I want the Golden ticket to make my day. And with the Golden ticket it’s a Golden Day !

This post is an entry into a giveaway sponsored by MomDotMinnesota Blogger Life with Levi, and Toni from Just Stop Screaming.  I was not compensated for the post and it is only a method of entry for the last Brandcation Ticket.