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A couple of weeks ago I began A.C.E.  I was very excited because I had heard such fantastic stories from real people!  I always hear about these miracle diet pills on T.V.  But you never really know how real it is.  I have been trying to lose weight for a while now and I have been very unsuccessful, I have 20-30 pounds that I would like to be free of.  So when I had this opportunity I was excited and I was happy to be able to share my journey with you, which I will continue to do.

With A.C.E. you can take 1-2 pills a day, of course ideally you want to take 1 just because then they last twice as long!  It all depends on how your body responds to them, they are all natural without processed caffeine and all the other junk that many diet pills have in them:)  My first day I started out with one and boy am I glad I did!!  With only 1 pill my first day I was bouncing off the walls, I could not stop.  Every time I did sit down to write a post or even drive to the store, I would start feeling a little nauseous.  Luckily the nausea only lasted the first day.

A.C.E. makes you sooo thirsty too, which helps you consume the water you need to lose weight.  They tell you to drink 100 ounces of water a day which was not a problem for me, my husband would be laughing because I would be hunting the car for more water bottles on our way to his parents house!  The first few days I really think it was cleaning toxins out of my system because my pee was brown!  Sorry for the TMI:)  It’s clear now!

I had just acquired a nice elliptical from my in-laws and could not use it for more than 10 minutes without completely dying!!  But after I started ACE it was a breeze, I had all this energy to do my 30 minutes a day on the elliptical and take care of the kids, house and my computer work!!

I wasn’t really hungry either, or I’d kinda be hungry but nothing really sounded good.  I was skipping breakfast, but then I thought of how my husband would yell at me and tell me that doesn’t help, so smaller meals were the way to go!  I would have more energy if I ate breakfast as well.  My stomach has now shrunk down so much I eat very small servings and I’m stuffed!!  I love it!  We went to TGI Friday’s the other night because me and my husband never go out together.  We had a coupon of course and my husband ordered a steak with fried shrimp and 2 sides, since it was a BOGO coupon I made it worth out while and ordered ribs, shrimp and 2 sides.  I didn’t touch my ribs and I was soooo full.

So when I started A.C.E. my measurements were:

Weight 159 VS now  157(varies)

Chest  41″   VS now  41″  (no change, no complaints from hubby:)

Waist  34″  VS now  32″

Hips 41″     VS now  36″

I had a great experience with ACE and I would definitely recommend it to you if you are looking for something to help you with the points I mentioned!

  Get more information and pricing here!


This product was provided to me free of charge to facilitate my review.  However, all views and opinions are solely my own honest views.


  1. Tammy Dalton says:

    I’m really not sure I would use the appetite supressent because I already follow a “diet plan” called Xchanges by Kimbensen.com, which has helped me lose 101lbs in 2 1/2 yrs. But I’m sure I could find someone to try it!! :0)

  2. natalia ellin says:

    wow lookslike it really works im gonna have to try , i try so hard to lose weight so many diffrent products out there. so this review is really helpful

  3. kamilah says:

    These kind of scare me. But, I get it.

  4. Joni Owada says:

    Interesting to read. I am super sensitive to things, so I wonder if that would put me bouncing off the walls for weeks on end!!
    high energy bunny???

  5. carol roberts says:

    wow interesting

  6. Jessica Jacobs says:

    I would like to learn more about these.

  7. Brenda Leon says:

    WOW!! This might be the answer to my prayers!! I need to lose weight so much. I am sick of lugging around this extra baggage. I quit smoking, I had two back surgeries seven years ago and now no exercise, so have added 50 pounds on me. The doctor won’t give me anything. I need something!!!

  8. Patty vazquez says:

    I love the results that A.C.E has giving me my husband got it for me i been taking it for more than a month and love the results . I have lots 15 pounds since i started A.C.E love it thanks

  9. Jennifer Lauman says:

    It sounds like just what I need to help me lose my weight I have 70 + lbs to lose!

  10. OMGoodness. I LOVE ACE!!! Can’t say enough about it. My daughter lost 5 pounds and 2 inches in less than two weeks and I lost four inches and two pounds in the same amount of time. But even better than that, I have lots of energy now, sleep through the night and wake up feeling amazing. THAT is a miracle since I have suffered with Insomnia and RLS for years.
    Carrie Medford recently posted../Pro Form Get Your Booty Firm Giveaway – Ends 7/11My Profile

  11. would love to give it a try.

  12. I would try it…

  13. melissa holske says:

    eeek i would have to give this to someone that i know i’m not in need of weight loss yet im sure i’ll get there soon enough lol

  14. Vanessa Dalton says:

    Wow! Very nice!

  15. Marthalynn says:

    I love that it gave you enough energy to work out and run after the kids!

  16. I’ve been on ACE for the past 3 months. In that time, combined with Weight Watchers, I have lost 16lbs. I haven’t measured myself lately, but I can tell that my stomach isn’t as big. I only take 1 pill a day. I took 2 one day and I felt light headed and then ended up with a bad headache. It has really curved my appetite. I’ve also been training for a 5K.

    Good luck with your experience.

  17. It sure seems to last longer than energy shots!

  18. amy marantino says:

    i am glad this worked well for you, it is an interesting product.

  19. Tony Cruz says:

    I have maybe 10lbs to loose but it’s been so stubborn to get rid of. Hope the A.C.E. Weight Loss, will do the trick =-)

  20. wow!! looks like an aweosme product!
    Debbie/Africa’s Blog recently posted..Loving Your Pet ~ Giveaway HopMy Profile

  21. sara ford says:

    sounds kool I would try it if I had the money

  22. Rachel Robertson (Azrael) says:

    Please keep us updated as I am curious about this program. Thanks for sharing :)

  23. Katie Knapp says:

    I would love to try this!! It looks like an amazing product!

  24. Gina Futrell says:

    Not sure what to think about the ACE. It sounded a little scary to me. Not sure that is something I would really want to do. But, I am very thankful it helped you out with your weight loss.

  25. Jaimee Mcallister says:

    Ive only heard positive reviews about ACE. Im not sure its something thats for me at the moment though, Im following a diet based around high fibre, fruits and vegetables and moderate workouts.
    Congrats on the results

  26. april rigsby says:

    i would love to try these and good luck on your future weight loss i need some major help so thanks for all you are doing

  27. Stephanie Blitz says:

    Would try it!!!

  28. Lisa Beech says:

    Interesting … might just be the pick me up I’m looking for.,

  29. Patrycja Chudziak says:

    Ive been hearing about A.C.E and was kinda skeptical. But wow ….after reading your review and seeing your amazing results and reading the other comments…..I SO WANT TO TRY IT NOW!!!! THNX for the review!!!

  30. Interesting. Thanks for the review!

  31. Crystal Guidroz says:

    I would love to try these pills! I am looking to lose weight and like that they have no caffeine and other junk you see added to a lot of wight loss pills on the market today.

  32. would love to try, since i am on a diet!

  33. Sara Campbell says:

    It sounds ok. I see that you lost inches but not much weight while you were taking it. That sounds good. I wonder if it will work with someone who is on the WW PP system.

  34. I could use some energy!

  35. Susana Higuera says:

    It looks like a great product to try to lose the last few stubborn pounds.

  36. Wendy Pogrant says:

    would love to give it a try.

  37. Ive never tried this, but the before, and after results are amazing. Kudos for her, and looking good.
    Angel Poling recently posted..WHOLLY Guacamole Review & Giveaway!My Profile

  38. amazing results

  39. I just come across your story. I think your story fits just about everyone how they felt when they started ACE. Like you said start with one pill, let your body get adjusted to it some people will have to take two pills in the morning and one at early afternoon everyones body has to adjust. I have lost 15lb in 3 weeks and never had still much energy to complete my day.

  40. I currently sell these pills and if anyone is interested feel free to send me an email (hwolfe117@gmail.com) and I can talk you through any questions you may have. The company ships all over the place so location does not matter. I am a male in my 20s and over a few short months I went from 265 to 212 pounds and have continued to loose weight sense.

  41. I have tried ACE and the caffeine was too much for me to handle and I got really bad headaches and stomach aches. Yes it does give you energy but it wasn’t for me. I have since learned about Skinny Fiber and fell in love with the product. I signed up to become a distributor and have shared it with many friends and family. It is unlike anything else out there and has numerous wellness benefits along with weight loss. Please come to my website to learn more http://www.pathtoskinny.com On there, is a video so you can view and watch to see how it works. You will be so happy that you did! Thanks.

    • I have a FB friend who sells skinny fiber, but my biggest problem with that is there are no free trials. Another FB friend of mine sells ACE and mailed me out free smaples already. I would LOVE to compare them, but Im too skeptical to purchase something for 60 bucks and not have tried it.

      Also, ive noticed that alot of “stories” are all from distributors. That kinda scares me. Id love to try, but you can see my concerns.

  42. I have been using ACE for about 2 weeks now and have lost 6 inches and 5 lbs. I work in an Emergency Room doing 12 hr shifts and I have energy when I get home to clean the house and take care of 2 small kids. Great product, wish I found it sooner.

  43. I am curious to know what the caffeine will do to me as I am sensitive. I have 2 friends taking this now and another friend and I are skeptical. Are there any negative reviews of the product? I am not looking to take this for 6 months, I’d really like to use it to get me started on weight loss, not use it as my primary weight loss source. Has anyone gained weight back after going off it? Any input would be great! Thanks!

    • Hi Shawna, I am very sensitive to caffeine as well. My only source of caffeine is iced tea. Coffee makes me seriously jittery and sick to my stomach. That being said, you can take only 1 ACE pill a day and for me that worked really well, just take it in the morning and make sure you have something to do, I realized that if I took the pill and just sat around I would feel a little rough, these give you lots of energy, so if you take it and go do housework or go for a walk, exersize, it helps a ton! I didn’t gain the weight back, as long as you keep drinking lots of water and keep your portion sizes small and healthy then you should be fine :) Hope this helps.

  44. Nicole B. says:

    I just started today and have high hopes. These ladies had a booth set up and had before and after pictures of themselves. When you see it in person, it’s really impressive! I bought a 2-week sample, but think I’m going to do just one pill a day. I tend to have a bit of anxiety anyway. But, they swore it wouldn’t give me the jitters. I could use the extra bit of energy to exercise anyway. I’m off to take my ‘before’ pictures!

  45. Thanks for finally talking about >A.C.E. Appetite Control Energy #Review – Coupons and Friends <Liked it!
    Rolts.ee recently posted..Rolts.eeMy Profile

  46. How do you purchase A.C.E???

  47. Once you start taking ACE diet pills as per your weight loss program, your body may make some time to respond to these pills. Your diet routine, ACE pills and the training schedule will speed up your metabolic cycle. These will slow you down on food consumption and the daily exercise will increase calories burnt on a daily basis.

  48. I’ve been using ACE for a week and have lost 5lbs already. I don’t have the extra energy, but not constantly being hungry like usual is fabulous!! I have to force myself to eat, so when I do, I like to eat something healthy. I know a lot of people using ACE and all of us are having fabulous results.

  49. What was the timeframe of use. It didn’t look like much of difference between both sets of pics. How much have you lost since this post & have you kept the weight off without using the product?

  50. I just started ACE and the first time I took it I had extreme nausea. The rep. suggested eating a cracker or so just before taking and wished that I had. I took it and began eating my lunch within 5 minutes but that didn’t work be cause I had PROFOUND nausea for about 12 hours!!!!!!!! So the next time I ate first then took it and that worked better for me. I did drink my water during lunch and for that first hour afterwards but couldn’t drink enough consistently to flush my system out thus the extended length of time with nausea. So far I have only took during the day because i do not know how long the energy will last and dont want to intefere with valuable sleep time. Looking forward to dropping my extra 40 pounds.

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