Ozeri 4X Razor Pedometer

Ozeri sent me another great product to help those of us trying to lose weight and keep fit!  My dad has been wanting to try one of these, so I let him test it out, here’s what he thought:

I tried the Ozeri 4x3razor Digital Pocket 3D Pedometer    out for the last couple of weeks, using it at my job in a warehouse setting. I liked the design right away. It is compact in size, bright yellow with a digital display much like a wrist watch. It comes with both a strap like that on a small camera and also has a clip that holds it to your belt, waistband or pocket. The strap also has a clip on it so that if it comes detached from you, you will not lose it. I love the two clips, gives you many options for attaching it to you.

Using the 4x razor pedometer was pretty simple, much like a digital watch to set up. You are able to adjust the length of your stride, and your weight to get the best accuracy. The thing I did have trouble with was the digital read out is very small and you have to refer to the directions to figure out what you are looking at. This unit gives you steps, miles and calories burned.

The 4x razor is everything you would need in a pedometer but beware, it’s a bit scary seeing just how far you walk in a day!

Check them out on Ozeri.com along with other great products.

Or Head over to Amazon to check it out!

I received the above product to facilitate my review.  However all opinions are 100% honest.  This post may contain affiliate links.