Jamberry Nail Sheilds Review

The new Hot Craze Nail Shields!!  Yours truly received a sheet of nail shields to try out and tell you all about.  I applied the nail shields to all my nails except my thumbs which I painted with matching polish.  I will tell you right now I am not normally a girly girl, so painting my nails is usually reserved for special occasions or mother daughter time.  Nail polish wears off the tips of my nails within a couple days and ends up looking horrible and that’s when they don’t get messed up because I can’t stay still long enough for them to dry.

The nail shields are stickers that are flexible and a little stretchy so they will mold to your nails.  This is the second time I have used Jamberry Nail Shields and I did a better job putting them on the first time.  It takes some patience, a hairdryer and a wood cuticle Stick!  The hairdryer softens the shield making it more flexible and easier to mold, for some reason this time around I could not get all the wrinkles out of the shield:( If you do not get the wrinkles out they will start peeling off, they do recommend for more active people to use nail glue along the edge of your nail, so this may help with that.

I have had so many complements on my nails, it seems everyone is drawn to them!  I’ve never had so many people complement me on the same thing before, so we know they’re super cute.

You can wear these under acrylic nails, with or without a topcoat, layered or just as tips.  I think I want to try them just as tips next time with a topcoat, I think it would be really cute!!

To remove them you can heat them up again to release the adhesive, if there is any leftover residue on your nail you can wipe it off with alcohol.  If you follow the removal directions you will not damage your natural nail.  I tried to just pull them off the first time and ripped off some layers of nail with it.

Check out the different patterns here.

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I recieved one or more of these products to facilitate this review.  However, all opinions and views are my own and 100% honest.