Wholesome Sweeteners Review

Wholesome Sweeteners sent me a large selection of products from their line to try out.

As you can see they have a huge line of products.  I love these products because they are all 100% Organic.  I love to bake and cook from scratch so this helps me feed my family healthier foods.

I love to mix up my own rub when making ribs and it consists mainly of brown sugar.  The taste was great although I really couldn’t tell a difference but, knowing that it was healthier was enough for me.  They have every sweetener you could ever need and most packages has a recipe on the back which I love!!  All Wholesome Sweeteners packaging boasts “Fair Trade Certified sustainably harvested and unrefined sweeteners.”  this is great as it helps the local farmers in other countries keep farming in the midst of all the larger corporations and factories.

Your continuing support of Wholesome Sweeteners Fair Trade Certified organic sugars and honeys has generated more than $6,000,000 in social premiums to support farming and beekeeping cooperatives in Malawi, Paraguay, Brazil and Mexico.

If you want to try out these great sugars, syrups or nectar Wholesome Sweeteners has a page full of recipes where you’re sure to find something great!  And check it out, they even have coupons on their website, my kind of company!  Pricing is very close to what you may find in stores and they run sales and sell in bulk!  You can stock up for a better price. They sell everything from raw honey to naturally flavored syrups!  And so many things in between.

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One or more products were provided to me to facilitate this review.  All opinions and view and 100% honest and my own.