HangFlex Hangers Review

Have you ever been irritated trying to get a hanger into a button up shirt or a turtle neck, upset because you stretched out the neck of you favorite tee from putting it on a hanger?  I have found the answer:)  I received some HangFlex hangers to try out.  When I first looked at them I thought “this will be interesting:)

The Hangflex hangers are made out of a heavy plastic with a metal hanger and can fold up, this simple design makes hanging tight necked shirts a snap!  As simple as it is it still has directions on the package just in case:)

This is how easy it is to use, no buttoning and unbuttoning, no stretching out collars, just slip it in!

And done.  My one concern was they might not be as sturdy but, they are strong and hold up well.  After a few tugs, I found that the arms stay in place even if a little extra pressure is placed on them!  These would also be great hangers to bring traveling because they are easy to store and less likely to get tangled and broken during your trip:)


I received one or more products to facilitate this review.  However, all opinions are 100% honest and my own.



  1. Patricia Cory Parsons says:

    Very interesting and something my son would appreciate for sure.

  2. Nicole Tackett says:

    These are great!

  3. those are Pretty Cool!~

  4. Tanaya Syx says:

    That would be nice to use with kids’ clothes that have smaller neck holes.

  5. Megan O. says:

    These sound EPIC!

  6. Jennifer Martinez says:

    Wow. My husband has so many button up shirts.. these would definitely come in handy!

  7. Interesting idea. I would love to see how this works on sweaters and other delicate items.
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  8. Kim Cowgar says:

    I hang everything up so this would be great for tshirts with the smaller neck holes and sweaters that I don’t want to stretch

  9. Briana Floor says:

    Never heard of these products before now. Interesting.

  10. i think my grandson would love this.

  11. I need that for my husband’s button up shirts, lol.
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  12. pretty innovated!!

  13. Alicia S. says:

    I could so use these for all of my fiance’s button down shirts! He always complains about his collars!!

  14. amy harrison says:

    those are cool

  15. this is a great idea!! also these would be great for traveling! its amazing how something so simple can work so great!

  16. Diane Sallans says:

    I haven’t seen these before – they look quite handy!

  17. Wow, neat idea. Price would be my only concern.

  18. Those look pretty cool and useful!

  19. Very clever idea, might even get my kids to hang their clothes up if I had these! lol!

  20. JENNIFER HART says:


  21. Jessica Kanson says:

    awesome idea

  22. Cool hangers, these would be great for my hubbys National Gaurd clothes, and all my awkward shirts that are impossible to hang.

  23. debbie jackson says:

    this would work great for hubs shirts

  24. Sue Hull says:

    These are the coolest hangers I’ve ever seen. I have so many shirts that fall off hangers because as you said they don’t fit right. I love that when not using them they take up no space in the closet. Thanks for the Awesome giveaway!

  25. Amber G. says:

    I love the travel idea, great suggestion!

  26. crystal allen says:

    i would love to try these on my clothes thanks

  27. wendy g says:

    this would be great for my hubbys shirts

  28. we sure could use these hangers…great for traveling in the car when you don’t want wrinkled clothes from your suitcase

  29. Lisa Hackney says:

    This would be a wonderful product for my husband’s work shirts! He’s a tshirt kind of guy, but when he goes into the office, he has to wear dress shirts… they are a pain to hang!

  30. chelesa sims says:

    What a great idea. I have clothes that fall of the hangers all time maybe i need these.

  31. Seyma Shabbir says:

    Would be great for us! We go through hangers that break.

  32. I love the idea of no more tell signs that your clothes were hanging on hangers!

  33. Cynthia Brooks says:

    Interesting design. My kids end up breaking so many hangers from pulling the clothing off from them while still attached to the bar. I think these would help us out.

  34. Heidi Calvert says:

    Sounds great.

  35. Wendi Scharrer says:

    Wow…I have never heard of these. What a concept…so clever.

  36. A. Guerrero says:


  37. erica chao says:

    this would be an awesome addition to our closets….it would teach my son to hang his shirts

  38. I would love to try these

  39. Would be nice to have these hangers to prevent stretched out collars.

  40. chrissy iacovelli says:

    I could definately use these! awesome!

  41. carol roberts says:

    that is totally awesome i like it

  42. Tiffany I. says:

    Very cool!

  43. Carmen york says:


  44. Sheila Foley says:

    So simple….yet so great. Would work well for some of my scrubs too.

  45. This would cut down on laundry time!! Love it.

  46. lynaeve says:

    I could really use these!

  47. Jessica Gratz says:

    What a neat idea. I could use these

  48. Stephanie Hungerford says:

    This is such a great idea I wear a lot of sweaters with tight necks and I get tired of threading hangers up from the bottom to the top without snagging the hook of the hanger in the knit of the sweater

  49. Bethany says:

    what an awesome idea!

  50. Sara Logan says:

    Wish I could try these! I hate regular hangers lol

  51. moonsword says:

    Supercool idea! The website says they are guaranteed to hold just over 4 lbs (though they can hold 8) and that they are working on more heavy-duty versions. Love that. They should do smaller sizes too, for little kids clothes. Thanks for the review and link!

  52. Cassandra says:

    My first thought was “weird looking” but they look awesome and would be great for sweaters and our button up work shirts for sure!

  53. jenn mcnary says:

    neat idea

  54. Carissa R says:

    That would be so great I struggle with trying to get my sweatshirts on hangers all the time!!

  55. Shannon Pickin says:

    Those are pretty cool :) I need some of those :)

  56. These would be great for my husbands work shirts!

  57. Jaimee Mcallister says:

    Interesting idea. Would be great to use for items like sweaters, I always find myself stretching the neck hole around the hanger because it takes too long to put it through the bottom.

  58. karen purcell says:

    I need hangers like this they would really help in hanging my cloths to dry

  59. Genevieve says:

    What a great idea!!

  60. Andrea D. says:

    I love this idea of traveling hangers that don’t break. I have a problem with them breaking when I travel.

  61. Jennifer DeFoy says:

    I have a few shirts that I could use these for! Thanks for the awesome review!

  62. I would love to have these for my clothes!

  63. Marianna says:

    I’m concerned about how sturdy those would be – I’m the master of breaking hangers so I’m sure I could destroy these too lol

  64. Gloria Habel says:

    how come it took so long for someone to invent something like this?

  65. Charla Henderson says:

    I need some of these!! What a great solution to the stretched t-shirt neck.

  66. Def will be useful for kids clothes =]

  67. those are AWESOME~!~!~
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  68. Maritza Robinson says:

    This is great. I can really use some of these.

  69. Jennifer Hiles says:

    What a neat idea. It’s one of those “why did’t I think of that?” Dont’ know how many times I went to work with lil “pinches” in my shoulders from hanging shirts with the wrong hangers!

  70. Beth Ann says:

    This is amazing!

    I’m one of those people that fishes the hook up through the whole shirt. Talk about a time wasting, annoying chore! This is much more efficient! Thank you!

  71. ashley alger says:

    the change will be really different from regular hangers to these new ones. im not sure if i would like this product but i would be willing to try

  72. kristina says:

    It’s about time someone came up with this :)

  73. Sara Campbell says:

    These look like they would work. They look compact too.

  74. I love how compact they look. Fiance would love for me to try these. He wouldn’t complain so much if he did his own laundry though ;)

  75. Mary Blanton says:

    So COOL! I’d love to try this out!

  76. Mary Blanton says:

    So COOL! I’d love to try it!

  77. my husband would love these

  78. I’ve never really had this problem, but i can see how it might be helpful

    Thanks for the giveaway >^..^<

  79. Those are so cool!!

  80. Carolyn Ann Colley (Griffith, Smith) says:

    nice, would love to try these hangers

  81. Nikki Wooton says:

    Love these!

  82. Missy Wilber says:

    nice! would love to try.

  83. Phoenix says:

    These look very innovative & useful.

  84. Maria Oller says:

    They are really good my hubby bought a couple and he loves it and so do I

  85. Heather F. says:

    I will have to find them for sure! My son’s tees are always stretched out at the neck! I hate that!

  86. Chasity Boatman says:

    How niffty. I would love to try this

  87. Lindsey Simpson says:

    Pretty neat. Thanks for sharing.

  88. Ellen Levickis says:

    This is new to me. My clothes hanging woes are the opposite – too large neckholes for the hangers.

  89. alexandra says:

    Sounds worth trying. If it makes it easier why not.

  90. Fiona N says:

    It looks super cool! I love it! Thank You for sharing :-)

  91. Meagan Worden says:

    Looks much easier than a regular hanger.

  92. What a wonderful idea! I can’t stand unbuttoning shits just to put a hanger in. Thank you so much for a chance to win!

  93. Elizabeth says:

    I could so use this!

  94. Melissa W. says:

    I like the fact that you don’t have the hassle of buttoning and unbuttoning, dealing with the whole collar deal.

  95. April Nantz says:

    I stretch TONS of shirts and have broken several hangers trying to get shirts off of regular plastic hangers. We refuse to use wire hangers so I think these would be terrific for me. Do they come in different sizes, like for children’s clothes too?

  96. April Nantz says:

    I stretch TONS of shirts and have broken several hangers trying to get shirts off of regular plastic hangers. We refuse to use wire hangers so I think these would be terrific for me. Do they come in different sizes, like for children’s clothes too? Would be thrilled to have these for a prize.

  97. Jen Whitten says:

    Have hangar…will travel! These would be awesome for my husband when he’s away from home…we all know the easier the task for them, the more likely it will be done! LOL! Just kidding, but really they seem great and he’s appreciate them on the road especially!

  98. Marthalynn says:

    Oh my goodness! I love these! They’re genius. Thanks for the pics.

  99. judy gregory says:

    i know it sounds weird but, i have a bad back and the 3 hardest things for me to is clean the floor, change the garbage bag, and hang up clothes. this would help with one of the 3

  100. Crystal Guidroz says:

    These are the coolest hangers I have ever seen. Yes, I have stretched many a shirts trying to get hanger in, these would be a lifesaver!

  101. Cheryl Sab says:

    These look pretty cool. I’ll try anything that makes laundry a little easier :)

  102. i would love these because i always stretch the neck on my t-shirts out putting a hanger in it.

  103. what a smart idea! wish they had thought of it sooner ;)

  104. Angela W. says:

    Great idea!

  105. Alexandra Roach says:

    Great hangers.

  106. Alexandra Roach says:

    Great hangers. Would love to try them

  107. Annie F. says:

    These sound great!!!! I could use them on so many of my children’s things and my grandson’s clothes and not have them stretch out! I hadn’t heard of them before so thank you for the review. :)

  108. Stacy Hamacher says:

    These would be awesome to try w

  109. I have not heard of these hangers either.
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  110. thats a great idea
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  111. What a handy little hanger! These would be great for my work shirts.
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  112. Danielle Lindquist says:

    These are cool, always looking for more hangers!


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