Boogie Wipes Review

My daughter is 5 so I thought she may be a little old for Boogie Wipes at first, when I thought Boogie Wipes I though of babies not being able to wipe their nose and it getting crusty and painful with a regular tissue.  Was I wrong, these are great!  My daughter has seasonal allergies and you know kids, trying to get them to use a tissue instead of their sleeve is like pulling teeth.  My daughter loves  Boogie Wipes, although she likes them so much I now have to hide them from her, she will want to use them even if there is no reason to.  It sure beats rubbing her nose raw with her shirt sleeve or covering her arms with snot though..ew…  This alone is reason enough for me to buy them!

I love how soft and refreshing these are, yes I even tried them (although I don’t wipe my nose on my sleeves or my arm:)  I also love that there are different scents they come in!  Alcohol free so the do not dry out your skin and for those that are going to use them on their littler ones, the saline solution dissolves little boogies so you aren’t picking them off and irritating your little one and their skin!  I sure wish they had these around when my kids were babies.


Where can I purchase?

Well Boogie Wipes are sold at the major retailers; Target, WalMart etc. (Don’t forget to join the Boogie Bunch and receive a $.50/1 coupon)

You can also purchase them online at their Website

And there’s always trusty Amazon.


I received one or more products to facilitate my review of this product.  However, all views and opinions are 100% honest and of my own opinion.