Kidz Gear Review

My family is very into music, my husband plays guitar and the rest of us just love to listen to music!!  When I received the chance to review Kidz Gear head phones and accessories I was excited, headphones that are actually made for the little ones.  That is perfect!  My son has an iPod and my daughter always uses my mom’s.

These wired headphones fit my daughter perfectly, no more trying to keep ear buds in her ears.   They are very nice and stylish!   These also have a volume adjustment and track skip on the wire.  This means your child doesn’t have to constantly have their iPod in their hand to change tracks and possibly risk dropping it.You also have double the volume adjustment this way you can adjust the one they don’t use to a comfortable point, so they don’t have it too loud.

Kidz Zone also has wireless headphones you can use them in cars with preinstalled DVD players or you can use with a transmitter.  This is great, I have DVD players in my vehicle and it gets dangerous with too many cords running around!

Here’s what my mom said about the wireless:

We had just purchased a vehicle that has a built in VES system that includes a DVD player for the back seat, but our vehicle did not come with any headphones to listen to the DVD player independantly.
Opening the KIDZ GEAR package, I was hoping that this was a simple process since I’ve never used wireless headphones, and these did not come with the player nor were thhey made by the same company.
The headphones appeared well made, sturdy, goodlooking and the ear padding was very nice. The controls (on/off and volume) are on the lower side of the right earpiece and easy to use.  I saw no directions inside but noticed that I would need 2 AAA batteries which I was lucky to have onhand. I had the movie going, put in the batteries, turned it on and without having it on my head noticed it was working. How easy was that!
I was very happy with the comfort (even with my big adult head!) and the sound quality was excelent too. Great stereo sound, Like having your own personal theater!
After using portable DVD players in our cars for our granchildren, and wires going everwhere, this is awesome. Kids are not compatable with wires!
I would recommend this product for anyone needing wireless headphones for their vehicle and/or indoors for gaming.

The volume limit cable is another great product from Kidz Gear, with your child in charge of an iPod or MP3 player there is that chance of them damaging their hearing by playing music too loud.  With the volume limit cable, you get piece of mind that the volume is limited, thus protecting your child’s ears as you give them independence with their portable music device.  With my husband and I spending a lot of time at rock concerts and my husband playing guitar we know how important it is to limit the volume.

Have 2 kids? They can share the music or DVD player with a splitter cable.  Going on a trip with 2 kids and 1 ipod? Well with a splitter you can plug both kids in for entertainment.

I love the Carry bags, they are nicely made and have a drawstring to keep them contained.  This is great for storing these head phones.


I received one or more products to facilitate this review.  All views and opinions and 100% honest and my own.