Guylian Artisanal Belgian Chocolates Review

Ah chocolate, sometimes my worst enemy, sometimes my best friend.  I have a love hate relationship with chocolate because some kinds can trigger a migraine.  This pertains to cheap chocolate as I like to call them ie: M&Ms, Hershey’s etc… don’t get me wrong I love these but, they can lead to bad new for my head.

When I was sent a box of Guylian Artisanal Belgium Chocolates to try I was excited, I mean what woman in her right mind wouldn’t be:)  But these aren’t your normal, everyday, run of the mill chocolates.

These chocolates are exquisite!  Being Summer and living in Arizona, I keep my chocolate in the freezer so it doesn’t get soft and melty.  One thing I love is that I can pull one of these beautiful truffles out of my freezer and eat it without breaking my teeth, they still melt in my mouth and have the softer truffle center which makes it a perfect treat. Every woman has a time in their day where they need to just stop and indulge for a moment and these are the perfect treats for that moment.  They are definitely something you want to savor with the blend of Dark Chocolate and White Chocolate covering the truffle center, or the Milk Chocolate blended with White Chocolate covering the truffle center.  This is pure heaven.  I could eat one and be satisfied and that’s how good they are.  So why Seahorses and seashells?  Well not only do they look fantastic but, Guylian had been the major contributor to Project Seahorse since 1999 donating more than 1.5 million dollars to save our seas and every time you purchase their product, you’re helping too.  I love that this company is so proud of giving back to the environment it reflects in their product.

Let’s not stop there what about sugar free?  My grandmother is diabetic so I am always interested in sugar free but, recently I found that not all substitutes were healthy alternatives.  These contain Maltitol which although it is not an unhealthy sugar substitute, it does warn that with too much consumption it may induce laxative effects.  So once again I say “all in moderation”.

I would recommend these in a heartbeat for yourself, for a gift or just because!

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