Toe Juice Review

Toe Juice?  Doesn’t sound too appetizing, does it?  Well, that’s okay because it’s not a new age cure all drink!  Toe Juice is an all natural topical liquid containing DermaVine.  This product can be used to alleviate acne, rashes, jungle rot, insect bites, ringworm, warts, Eczema  and more.  Sounds like a great product to have around the house for various ailments.  I actually let my father-in-law try it out because he has some extreme Eczema.

After a few weeks of using it this is what he had to say, “it soothed the areas of eczema and there was less scales present in the area as well.”  Knowing my Father-in-law the way I do, I know that if it didn’t work extremely well he would have said it was garbage and then probably thrown it in the garbage, he is not one to sugar coat

So with an endorsement from him I would wholeheartedly recommend it:)

Where can you buy some Toe Juice?  Check out the online store or the in store locations HERE.

Or Check it out on Amazon!

I was provided with this product free of charge to facilitate my honest review.


  1. Patricia Cory Parsons says:

    Quite an attention-grabbing name! lol

  2. LOL~ didnt think I would ever say I wanted some TOE Juice but yep I think i wanna try it

  3. Megan O. says:

    The name turned me off until I read what it was but from reading this it looks like somethign I might try.

  4. Tanaya Syx says:

    Thank goodness you don’t drink it. Sounds too good to be true to cure all those thimgs!

  5. Jennifer Martinez says:

    Love the name. LOL.

  6. SD Murray says:

    interesting –might have to try this!

  7. Briana Floor says:

    Wonder if this would help with my skin ailments due to Lupus.

  8. Kim Cowgar says:

    yeah, the name is kind of a turn-off but really does work to draw interest to the product because you want to see what it really is for. Would like to try it to see if it works on bug bites and the occasional acne.

  9. i would love to give this to my daughter

  10. The name literally makes me want to vomit.
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  11. toe juice?? not crazy about the name but the product looks cool

  12. amy harrison says:

    my daughter cld use some of this

  13. wow this stuff sounds like it works amazing! and i love that you can use it for other things besides your feet! i wanna try this stuff out! summers here so its flip flop weather gotta get those toesies looking and feeling their best!

  14. Very poor name choice. I couldn’t see myself buying a product with this name at the store. I wouldn’t mind trying it on my son’s eczema though and maybe order it online.

  15. Would be awesome to try!!

  16. hahah at toe juice, but if it works great, I am all for it!

  17. JENNIFER HART says:


  18. I have cracked heels and I would love to try this for that reason!

  19. Jessica Kanson says:

    OOH! Wanna try it!

  20. debbie jackson says:

    how fun, gotta try this

  21. I think it is cool that this can be used for so many things! I would like to try it on my exema. & kitty scratches and pimples. Lol. I’m also glad that this is not a strange new childrens drink.

  22. Sue Hull says:

    This is something I’d love to try. I have acne and I’m in my late 40’s. I think it’s from menopause. It sucks whatever it’s from. This would be a great thing to have on hand in my medicine cabinet. I may have to go buy this stuff. Thanks for the convincing review.

  23. Sue Hull says:

    I wanted to tell you how you’re doing this giveaway with having us read the review then leave a comment and go back to the rafflecopter for the points is a really great way to do it. I’m going to follow your blog via email. Thanks again!

  24. Amber G. says:

    I’d love to try this on my eczema!

  25. crystal allen says:

    i have psoriasis and would love to see if this would help reduce my scales too thanks

  26. can’t believe all it can be used for….will be on the lookout for it in the store

  27. wendy g says:

    what a name, but if it works:)

  28. Lisa Hackney says:

    This would be wonderful for my husband as he and 4 of our 10 kids have severe eczema!

  29. chelesa sims says:

    the name is a turn off however after reading about what it helps. I suffer from acne and Eczema is another aliment in my household .sounds like a great product to have in anyone’s house because everyone suffers from something at least once.

  30. Seyma Shabbir says:

    Sound interesting. Toe Juice is an AWFUL name but if it works who cares right!

  31. Could really use this with the mosquitos that we have around here! I am forever getting bit and hate going outside. I can come back in and have 10 or more bites everywhere!
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  32. Cynthia Brooks says:

    I could put The Toe juice to work at some point. My daughter and Dad get psoriasis.

  33. Heidi Calvert says:

    Sounds like something I would like to keep around the house

  34. Wendi Scharrer says:

    Not going to lie, at first I was thinking EWE! However, after reading your review, I had a change of heart. I would use it for insect bites.

  35. A. Guerrero says:

    Could have been labeled worse…could have been labeled Toe Jam Juice…lol!!!

  36. Would love to try

  37. erica chao says:

    such a funny name….but also captivating…

  38. I’d like to try this Toe Juice on my little boy who loves the outdoors & gets cuts & scrapes daily.

  39. chrissy iacovelli says:

    wow! Im super impressed..I have alot medical issues….maybe this would help!!!!

  40. carol roberts says:

    my son got a ring worm the other month and i sure could of used this to see if it works

  41. Tiffany I. says:

    Kinda like the windex in My Big Fat Greek Wedding?!

  42. lynaeve says:

    I could use this

  43. Jessica Gratz says:

    Cool idea. My niece has extreme eczema

  44. Bethany says:

    sounds interesting :P

  45. Sara Logan says:

    Lol the name isn’t the most appealing but I’d still try it!

  46. moonsword says:

    Love the names…Toe Juice and Hog Wash. Definitely easier to get kids to try them I think. Love their soccer balls too!

  47. jenn mcnary says:

    okay we need this for sure

  48. cassandra says:

    I have kids so a topical that’s useful for multiple things I wanna try

  49. Carissa R says:

    Sounds triable!

  50. Carissa R says:

    Sounds Nice.

  51. Shannon Pickin says:

    Wow….I really need some of this :)

  52. This stuff sounds like it would help my dad’s cracked skin. I would love for him to try it.

  53. Jaimee Mcallister says:

    This would be great to give as a gift to one of my family members. They always complain about their eczema

  54. Genevieve says:

    I have used this before — love it :)

  55. Andrea D. says:

    I love how it has an off the wall name to remember how it helps other ailments.

  56. Jennifer DeFoy says:

    My hands are always so dry – I would love to try this! And if it works for your FIL I’ll take that as a great endorsement :-)

  57. I’ve suffered from acne my whole life- would like to see if this works!

  58. Marianna says:

    I’ll admit I’m a little turned off by the name but it sounds like an interesting product! I’d love to try it for my son’s ezcema and rashes

  59. Charla Henderson says:

    I need to try this for my son’s eczema.. HA! I can only imagine his comment to “TOE JUICE on his ELBOW”.

  60. Yeah the name doesnt sound great but wow if it really helps all that I would love to try some

  61. Maritza Robinson says:

    Too funny. What a name. But hey if it works, you gotta try it.

  62. Jennifer Hiles says:

    LOVE the name! I couldn’t wait to read what kind of product this was! It does sound helpful and we have a lot of those issues in our family. Gonna have to check out the Toe Juice. I might have to buy it just for the name. “Anyone know where the toe juice is?”

  63. Beth Ann says:

    Toe juice? It sounds gross! Especially to think “oh I had bad acne, but then I put toe juice on it, and it looks so much better now!!”

    Okay well it gave me a chuckle to think about. Really neat product though. VERY unforgettable name!

  64. ashley alger says:

    im not thrilled about the name but if it has many uses then i guess i would try it and see how good it works

  65. kristina says:

    this sounds like something to try. My mother has had Jungle rot for most of her life.

  66. Sara Campbell says:

    This would be wonderful to have. My two boys and fiance have eczema and it’s worse during the summer.

  67. Mary Blanton says:

    Unique name!

  68. very interesting name for a product.

  69. Hmmm. Wonder if how it would work on backne.

  70. i love the name!!

  71. Carolyn Ann Colley (Griffith, Smith) says:

    I have Eczema and psycrossis, would love to try this

  72. Nikki Wooton says:

    Sounds good, might have to give this a try!

  73. Missy Wilber says:

    Never heard of it until now, but sounds like something i would try because i get very bade exzema and my son gets bad acne. sounds like we both need it. lol

  74. Phoenix says:

    I have to agree that the name is unappealing, but the benefits sound great!

  75. Maria Oller says:

    I’ve some acne probs I would love to try.

  76. Heather F. says:

    Sounds gross! lol but my boys both have eczema and bugs just love to munch on me! Something to try…

  77. Lindsey Simpson says:

    sounds interesting

  78. alexandra says:

    Would love to try.

  79. Fiona N says:

    Its name is soooo cool and unique! I would love to win and try it
    Thank You So Much for the review and giveaway!

  80. Meagan Worden says:

    Mosquitoes are awful here. This would be great!

  81. April Nantz says:

    The name may not sound appealing but catchy names often keep people coming back. Some of the catchier names have led to some of the best products we use for our family. A few are Beaudreux’s Butt Paste, Anti-Monkey Butt diaper rash cream, Butt Naked scented tart wax and Monkey Farts dryer balls. LOL. I’d love to try ANYTHING for acne.

  82. Jen Whitten says:

    Oh WOW, living in the South this needs to be a staple in our house! I love the versatility and the name! :)

  83. Marthalynn says:

    this sounds wonderful. I hate putting on the tradition bug sprays, but now I know there are other options that are better.

  84. judy gregory says:

    unappealing name with appealing properties

  85. Crystal Guidroz says:

    The name leaves you wondering, but after hearing all the things it can help/treat I would definitely buy this!

  86. Cheryl Sab says:

    Bugs seem to bite my daughter every time she goes outside. I need to find a new product to help her with the bites. She’ll giggle at the name too

  87. sounds like a great product

  88. even with its benefits, I worry that a name like this won’t help for profits and marketing. They should use a name that is more appealing so people don’t cringe at it! but i love its purpose.

  89. this sounds like a great product.

  90. Angela W. says:

    I would love to try this for insect bites this time of year!

  91. Alexandra Roach says:

    Not sure if I can drink this with that name , haha!

  92. Annie F. says:

    LOVE the name lol. :) My whole family suffers with eczema and this sounds great for all of us! And of course, with Summer here, there will be plenty of rashes and insect bites to contend with! Thank you for the informative review. :)

  93. Stacy Hamacher says:

    Toe juice? Lol. My oh my

  94. toe juice sounds terrible I am glad its not to drink.
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  95. A better name would have been nice!
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  96. Danielle Lindquist says:

    The name is crazy but I really want to try this stuff!!


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