Arizona Weekly Grocery Ads 8/27-9/02

Although going to the grocery store is a necessity in my life, I have found a few other options that not only save me money but give me better quality.

One of those is somewhere you may have heard of Zaycon Foods. Zaycon foods has all natural meats, fruits and even honey.  I have ordered from them 3 times now purchasing ground beef and chicken breasts and I have been very impressed.  This is a great way to buy quality meat at a great price if you have a deep freezer (I recently got myself one) or you have friends to go in on it with you.  I am a Pinterest Junkie and freezer meals are so awesome, with zaycon ground beef you get 10lb chubs so you need to break them apart anyways to freeze them so why not make freezer meals for those hectic nights!!

The other option which is seasonal where I live is M.O.M. or Market on the Move.  For a $10 donation to the 3000 club Market on the Move offers you up to 60 pounds of produce!!  Now this will be whatever is in season, overstocked or has slight imperfections.  Now I have only gone once and there was some produce I had to throw out because it had started to mold, but I got home and started the soaking, canning and freezing process.  This is a great opportunity to make home made sauces or whatever you can come up with and store it for later.  This takes a bit of time, for me never canning before in my life!!  It took 1-2 days to process all of my produce

Onward to Grocery ads!!

  I always like to check Ibotta to see if there are any items that may match up with my shopping list or a deal!!  Don’t have Ibotta?  It’s free just click the picture and please use my referral code (hwkeiw)  Thanks!

Another great App you have to have for shopping at Fry’s is the mobile app, yes coupons at your fingertips, you can browse through the coupons as your shopping or save the ones you want before you go to the store, just make sure it doesn’t interfere with larger value coupons you may have in hand.  The digital coupons will always come off first and are not stackable.  This app also gives you access to the Ad, your rewards, shopping lists AND MORE!!

6 oz Raspberries $.87

Mini Seedless Watermelons $1.50

USDA Choice Strip Steak or Tri-Tip Roast $5.97lb

Pepsi, 7Up or Big K $2.22 when you buy 4 with a qualifying $25 transaction

Lays Potato Chips $1.87

Blue Bell Ice Cream $3.88

Kroger Cheese 6-8oz or singles 16 count $1.97

Fry’s Water 24 pack $1.99

Kroger lunchmeat $2.50-After digital coupon $1.99 Limit 2

Yellow Peaches $.99lb

Tomatoes on the Vine $.99lb

Corona or Heineken 12 pack $9.99 limit 2

In thier ad this week they have a coupon for $10 off $100 grocery purchase.

Pork Loin Back Ribs buy 1 get 3 Free

Sweet Corn 8 for $1.00

Coke Pepsi or 7Up $2.22 when you buy 4 with a minimum $25 purchase

Albertson’s purified drinking water 24pk $1.99

Lays potato chips $1.77

Gatorade $.58 when you buy 15

Budweiser, coors, Miller or Tecate 30pk $16.97

General Mills Cereal 8.7-13.1oz $1.99

Nabisco Snack crackers $1.99

Bush’s Baked or Grillin Beans $1.66

Lean ground Beef 80% 3lbs or more $2.49lb

Buy 4 Save $2.00

Dreyers Ice Cream, Nestle or dreyers Novelties $1.99

Hot Pockets $1.49

Digiorno, California pizza kitchen or Tombstone pizza $3.99

Juicy Juice 64oz or Coffeemate 32 oz creamer $2.49

If you’re an ad matcher and like to get all your deals in one place then you probably shop at Wal-Mart.  Walmart’s Savings Catcher allows you to scan your receipt at home and it searches surrounding competitors for lower ad prices.  After a few days it will alert you if they have found any savings.  You can save these up or have them put onto an e-gift card to use in store or online.  This does not work however on produce and meat, so make sure you do those in store.



New Business Ventures and so much to catch up on!!

SO it’s been soooo long since I’ve posted and keeping up with this site has sort of fallen onto the back burner of my life.  And I’m SORRY!!!  I feel GUILTY!!!  But for those of you who know me, well I have a tendency to overfill my plate.  In the past few months we have moved into a new home, taken on our nephew (found that the nearest daycare is 30 minutes away), started lots of DIY projects, been running my Ebay store and have been working on getting everything together for my new business venture… Begables All Natural Dog Treats.  Having a 18 month old around again (my kids are 7 & 12) is crazy enough, but I always feel the need to do more…

As some of you know I finished my Master’s degree in business in later January.  I was planning of doing some online teaching at a college, but many want you to have a doctorate (I shudder at thought of more school just to teach!!)  or they want you to have experience.  Well call me a little unfocused, but after weeks of frustration… no interviews… nothing… I ventured elsewhere.  While in school I had already written a business plan and researched the dog treat industry, and being a dog lover I felt that was something I could do for myself…that doesn’t happen?  My husband has been so supportive of all of my craziness, this blog, my Ebay store and now this business.

So that’s the gist of why I’ve been slacking … and I’m working on time management… I’m not sure what the next step will be with my blog, but I may be interested in selling it…  I don’t think I can put in the time my readers deserve.

In the meantime I will try and if there is something you would like to see me post about, let me know and I will try to accommodate!  If you are a blogger with a pet blog and want to review my All Natural dog treats, I would love to send you some.

Check them out on Etsy

Looking for great brand name clothes gently used?  Check out my Ebay store!




We Finally Moved!!! Looking for a Realtor in Arizona?

We have been dreaming of moving ever since things started going sour with our Management company with our rental.  We had never rented before, but after losing my job and a long fight with Bank of America who could not keep their sh** together or organized, loan modification on our home was a loss, the short sale situation was a huge joke as well since the bank refused to accept any reasonable offers, when it finally foreclosed the bank received less at auction than the offers they had rejected for the short sale.

Moving down the street into a rental seemed like our best option at the time, keep from changing the kids school in the middle of the school year and we ended up renting a nice house… until we were burglarized right before Christmas.  Talk about a kick in the gut.  I felt horrible… to come home with my front door wide open, presents ransacked, guitars, TVs, PlayStation all GONE.  Rental insurance…NO.

To make matters worse Real Property Management our management company were very insensitive about the whole situation, their glass company took 7 trips to finally secure the broken window properly.  Then accusing my husband of breaking it when they hadn’t fixed it properly and he opened it up with 2 fingers.  I guess I married the Incredible Hulk.  That was just the beginning of the frustrations with the management company.  You would think they would want to be nice to the renters that paid their bills on time and didn’t trash the house…

Onward to more positivity!  My new home shown above 3 car garage, swimming pool perfect layout… All thanks to my wonderful realtor who made it all happen.  Derek Silvey  of Royal Real Estate Services if you are thinking about moving to Arizona, this is the guy you want to be in contact with.  He knows his stuff  and he is great company!!  He definitely had our personal interests in mind and went out of his way to ensure we didn’t have any extra costs or hassle.  It was really a great experiance working with him and I can’t say that about any other realtors I have worked with.  He sent us dinner the first night we were moving in, being mid summer in Arizona and just my husband, my 12 year old son and I unloading a 26′ truck, we certainly had our work cut out for us and I had no thought of dinner, so it was fantastic that he was thinking of us even after the transaction was completed.  A few days later he called to check up on us and see how we were liking the house.  Now this is one smart realtor!  Word of mouth is huge and he sure will get it from me.

My lender Dylan James from Lendsmart also deserves mention as he kept up with my questions and answered them quickly while fighting through the USDA process to get us approved, even when things got hairy he took care of us giving us lender credit so we didn’t have to pay any additional out of pocket when the second appraisal came back.  We even ended up with a free home warranty out of it!!

So, here we are settling in our quiet neighborhood, outside of the city and loving it!!  Thanks to all those who helped to get us here.

@LovingPetsCorp Natural Treats, Bowls and More!!

Loving Pets is a fantastic company I recently had the opportunity to work with, aside from their great products they also donate to causes that tug at my heartstrings.  Just a few of those are:“Our goal is to help heal the emotional wounds of military veterans by pairing them with a shelter dog that is specially selected to match his or her personality. Professional animal trainers rehabilitate the dogs and teach them good manners to fit into the veteranís lifestyle. Training can also include desensitization to wheel chairs or crutches as well as recognizing panic or anxiety disorder behaviors.”“Our nonprofit rescues dogs from shelters and trains them to become service dogs and accomplished assistance animals that can perform dozens of tasks for disabled American veterans and first responders. Fully trained service dogs are valued around $20,000. But our Angels are free to eligible veterans and first responders. They’re all heroes in our book.”“Since 1982, Komen has played a critical role in every major advance in the fight against breast cancer, transforming how the world talks about and treats this disease and helping to turn millions of breast cancer patients into breast cancer survivors.”“Action Volunteers for Animals (AVA) is just what its name suggests – an organization of people who are active on behalf of non-human animals, and who give their time and energy without monetary reward. We have been a registered charity since 1980, helping animals through hands-on work and the promotion of animal rights.”

Loving Pets sent me a great variety of products including Natural Value Chicken Tender Treats made in the USA, a Bella spill proof mat and a fun variety of their Milano Collection designer dog bowls.



Early last year there was a big problem with dog treats (namely chicken jerky) made outside the USA (namely China) These treats were being recalled off the shelves quickly due to being associated with illnesses and deaths in dogs.  This is a frighting fact for many pet owners and those pet owners turned to products made in the USA because of the different standards.

Natural Value treats are not a chicken jerky but a chicken strip that is softer, it oddly smells like it has cheddar powder on it, but I couldn’t find anything like that in the ingredients.  My dogs didn’t gobble it down but gently took the treats to examine them before devouring them… I’m pretty sure that was approval.  The resealable bag left something to desire as it did not seal back up after I had opened it, I even had several other people try in case it was user error.

Natural Value™ Chicken Tenders are 100% farmed and made in the U.S.A. – proof that healthy, safe U.S.A. made dog treats can be affordable. Cooked on open grilling racks to reduce fat and give them a delicious flavor, our Chicken Tenders are sure to be your dog’s favorite treat. Since they’re 100% farmed and made in the U.S.A., they should be your favorite too.

Natural Value Chicken Tenders are wheat, corn, soy, gluten and grain free, and contain no by-products. These soft-chew treats are perfect for any age or size dog.


The Bella Spill Proof mat is perfect to retain those messes, in my case its the water bowl, not only can the dogs get messy at times but with my little nephew crawling quickly across the floor I don’t always beat him to the dog water and it turns into a splash pad.  So this is just what I needed… and it’s so cute!


Bone-shaped Bella® Spill-Proof Dog Mats stylishly prevents splashes and retains spills. Bella Spill-Proof Dog Mats have raised edges for maximum spill capacity, a slip-resistant, bone-embossed surface, and anti-skid feet to prevent slips, slides, noise and floor damage. Non-toxic, BPA-free and quality tested. For both indoor and outdoor use. Cleans easily – just rinse with water



I love these Milano Collection of Designer bowls, there is just simply something for everyone.  I love that they are 2 different pieces and you can easily take the inside out to throw it in the dishwasher, her even the dog needs a clean bowl once in a while!!  With the base having a skid free bottom, your dog won’t be pushing their bowl all over the kitchen making that horrible squealing sound!!  And every dog has their own personality, so why not let it shine?

The Milano Collection™ of designer dog bowls offers beautiful full color designs along with the advantages of a stainless steel feeding dish – all at a very affordable price. The removable, skid-free rubber base resists slips and spills. The bacteria resistant stainless bowl removes for easy cleaning and is dishwasher safe. The shell is made from tough BPA-free ABS plastic. Milano bowls are available in three sizes and a growing variety unique designs.

So if I haven’t already given you enough info then I have more!!  Loving Pets has a Promotions Page, I love these, this is where you find coupons and freebies even contests!


Against the Grain @GrainFreeForMe Pet Food Revolution

I have always been very particular about the foods we feed our dogs, but have kinda let our cats eat indoor cat chow and called it good.  Within the last year we have lost 2 of our cats and have spent a lot of money on vet bills.  This has brought us to the point where we want the best for our last kitty.

I received a selection of human grade cat foods from Against the Grain, now these are all wet foods which my cat has never been too crazy about, she will either just lap up the liquid or ignore it completely for preference of her dry food.  When I opened the first container of food… it smelled like tuna, although I didn’t taste it from the look and smell I would say it was human grade.


Against the Grain uses all fresh ingredients, and has designed all foods to be grain-free and gluten-free. We NEVER use corn, wheat, or soy. We have taken steps to use sustainable and green resources; our fresh-caught fish-based cat canned foods are dolphin-safe and turtle-safe. Our meat products are all GMO and anti-biotic free. Finally, we use the maximum amount of recyclable materials in our retail packaging, and use strictly skylights in our manufacturing plant.

I like that the food does not come in the metal containers, which I always have to put into another bowl so I don’t have to worry about kitty cutting herself on the edges of the can.


She was very happy with this food and finished up every last drop.  Against the Grain uses at least 85% meat in all of their recipes and ensure it is high quality protein.


This happy kitty agrees that human grade is the way to go!! Healthier food leads to better quality of life, and isn’t that what you want for your furry family?

Check out Against the Grainand their varieties which also include dog foods!!  Also grab your Coupon for Buy 3 Get 1 FREE!!